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Image Competition Award Winners 2015

The Professional Aerial Photographers' Association Annual Print Competition is a popular event, giving our members the opportunity to show their best work. On this page, we showcase the 2015 Award Winners for: Masters, as voted by PAPA members, Judges' Choice Best of Category, as voted by our panel of judges, and the individual Judge's Choices. A description of the categories can be found at the foot of the page

Photographs on this page are copyright of the respective photographers.

Best of Show - Judges' Choice, Aerial Photograph of the Year

Saturday Night High Roller by Lane Swainston

Best of Show - Judges' Choice
Aerial Photograph of the Year

Title: Saturday Night High Roller
Photographer: Lane Swainston

Air-to-Air Category Winner

Tecnam P2006T by Mitch Bowers

Air-to-Air Category Winner

Title: Tecnam P2006T
Photographer: Mitch Bowers

Construction Progress Category Winner

Bridging the Gap by Tayler Schmitt

Construction Progress Category Winner

Title: Bridging the Gap
Photographer: Taylor Schmitt

Commercial Category Winner

Emergence by Andrew Griffiths

Commercial Category Winner

Title: Emergence
Photographer: Andrew Griffiths

Vertical Category Winner

Deep Space Promenade by Tayler Schmitt

Vertical Category Winner

Title: Deep Space Promenade
Photographer: Taylor Schmitt

Artistic/Scenic Category Winner

Feathered Reaches by Jon Engle

Artistic/Scenic Category Winner

Title: Feathered Reaches
Photographer: Jon Engle

Masters Category Awards

Wind River by David Sievert

1st Place Masters Category

Title: Wind River
Photographer: David Sievert

Backlit Buttes by Allen Macbean

2nd Place Masters Category

Title: Backlit Buttes
Photographer: Allen Macbean

Plenty of Pollen by Hunter Harris3rd Place Masters Category

Title: Plenty of Pollen
Photographer: Hunter Harris

Individal Judge's Choice Awards

Saturday Night High Roller

Judge's Choice Award: Judge Mark Seeman

Title: Saturday Night High Roller
Photographer: Lain Swainston

Curves by Jesper Larsen

Judge's Choice Award: Judge Susan Hedenberg

Title: Curves
Photographer: Jesper Larsen


Deep Space Promenade by Taylor Schmitt

Judge's Choice Award: Judge David Wyatt

Title: Deep Space Promenade
Photographer: Taylor Schmitt


Judge's Choice Award: Judge Pat Belanger

Title: Emergence
Photographer: Andrew Griffiths



Description of Categories

Commercial Described as shot on the job, your best view for the client, an image of commercial value
Scenic/Artistic Described as images that show a broader view, a landscape or cityscape, good stock shots, panoramic views. Fine Art photography; pictorial, stunning, original images. Images that push the envelope.
Air-to-Air A photo taken of an aircraft FROM an aircraft. Photographers are urged NOT to attempt this type of photography unless schooled in safe practice techniques. Formation flying experience and or instruction are vital for a successful and safe air-to-air shoot.
Vertical Straight down, vertical photography for mapping and reference work.
Construction Progress
Aerial photography as a way of documenting the work of a client construction project. It can be a single shot, a progress shoot photomontage of several pictures taken over a period of time, or even a one day photomontage of several images.